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Kushani Art Society is constituted of artists, art patrons and other Hazara intellectuals. It was established in 2002 in the pretext of the necessity felt by the people. However, our artists instructed art centers since 1995. Kushani Art Society has been active in Quetta, Pakistan and other countries since then. It is neither affiliated to and nor is financially backed by any political or religious organizations in Afghanistan. It is funded by the revenues generated through tutoring fees and auctions and exhibitions of artworks.

Kushani Art Society has trained around 400 artists in Quetta in the first four years of its activities in the fields of drawing, painting, calligraphy, and sculpture. With its meager facilities, it is successfully and actively pursuing its goals and objectives.



Kushani Art Society aims to:

  • Uplift the artistic and cultural standards of our community.
  • Establish cultural and arts ties with other arts organizations around the world. 
  • Polish the artistic potentials of the youth.
  • Exchange ideas with the rest of the world and establish ties based on the love of humanity.
  • Introducing our cultural and artistic heritage based on the legacy of the great Kushani Empire to the rest of the world.
  • Re-induce the cultured and art-loving spirit of the Kushans to our people.
  • Patronize the art of the golden age of the Kushans in our society and create classes in art based on the artistic excellence of that age through the prowess and potential of our artists. However, this may not be considered our adherence to bygone principles.
  • Introduce innovations to art.


Art and Artist as we define:

We define an artist whose art is directed towards the welfare and growth of the people. An artist is one who thinks free of tribal, ethnic, national and creedal prejudices and also thinks free of the hereditary pride and arrogance because art is not confined to certain geographical boundaries, nationality or creed. An artist guides his work towards the progression of the masses. An artist adheres to the global village of arts and artists leaving behind the aforementioned ties and thoughts.

Art is an universal language of harmony and a powerful medium which can establish global amity. Art is a means of expression and conveyance. Art is a critic for the degradation of thoughts and for the dogmatic and creedal ideas and rituals.